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Golden Tattoos Hearts Set

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    Introducing a unique line of washable tattoos Bright Boho.
    Gold, silver and black. Modern designs with fashionable metallic sheen.
    Tattoos are safe and non-toxic. The glue used to produce tattoos
    certified laboratory studies confirming the lack of dermatological

    Product-type tattoo decals.

    NOTE: Please do not attach a tattoo on very sensitive skin or the
    an area around the eyes. The product is not suitable for pregnant women and
    children under 3 years of age.

    Instructions for use:
    Select the location where you want to put a tattoo.
    For larger forms ask for help friend to sure that the tattoo
    adheres well, and the skin does not wrinkle.
    Your skin should be clean and dry. If it is oily tattoo
    will not stick.
    Remove the foil pouch tattoo.
    Cut the selected pattern from a sheet so close to the edge as possible.
    Remove the clear protective film and place it into the bottom of a cardboard box pattern.
    Dampen the surface of the cardboard box and push it into the skin, hold 30
    seconds. Gently lift the cardboard box.
    Your tattoo is ready.
    Applied to the skin, the tattoo gently rinse water to fix it.
    Tattoos are maintained at body 2 to 5 days beyond the inner area of the hand
    and in places exposed to abrasion.
    To remove a tattoo, soak the skin olive, coconut oil or other fat
    substance for about a minute and gently scrape the remnants of the pattern. Apply
    lotion or cream to moisturize the skin.


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    Golden Tattoos Hearts Set

    Golden Tattoos Hearts Set

    Jewelery in the form of a tattoo? Why not.
    You decide if the tattoo is a bracelet, wrist band, ring,
    chain and earrings. The possibilities are endless!

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