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What do the Yogis think of us?



  • "My beloved leggings, I have been using only these and no other leggings for years. I love them for their softness, high waist and colors. I love these leggings!"
    Karolina Murdzia - Yoga of Happiness

  • "I love the products of this Polish brand. In them I feel that I can do everything. Beautifully made, comfortable. Perfect for everyday use and for the most demanding practice. The only product that I fully recommend and promote to my students. "
    Kaja Dobrowolska

  • "This is the softest and most comfortable leggings I have ever had! And I am a person who scratches and itches everything: DW these leggings feel great. They are super sewn, have beautiful colors that do not interfere despite being washed many times. I have a model with dream catchers. I am constantly accosted and asked where I bought them. I recommend it to everyone! " 
    Izabela Stawicka - www.pannapollyanna.com

  • "Sunny morning, dogs and colours! Definitely check Bright Boho's new, beautiful designs! 
    Their high quality yoga pants are 100% produced in Poland."
    Kasia Klimczewska - Shenjoy Yoga

  • I love Bright Boho leggings, they are made of a perfect material that does not bother me during yoga, they are like my second skin. They are of great quality. I don't only wear them for yoga, but also for Nordic walking training or the gym. I wouldn't trade my leggings for any other. I highly recommend <3
    Justyna Kwitkowska - Zadbana Finansowo

  • These are my favorite leggings. When I look at them, the colorful, energetic pattern puts me in a positive mood to the world. When I wear them it feels like a second skin. I bought them with yoga in mind, but they are so comfortable that I also wear them around the house. Neatly finished, with great attention to detail. Designed and manufactured in Poland. I heartily recommend!
    Kinga Dybek - www.galloop.pl


Gift Voucher - Perfect Gift!




Karta podarunkowa - Prezent Idealny!

Are you looking for a Christmas present for a friend, sister, mother, daughter, but can't decide what to choose? Let them decide for themselves! We have gift cards for such occasions. They invite you to take a peek into the colorful world of Bright Boho. There are a lot of original designs waiting here, designed to support women in their development, give them self-confidence and joy not only during exercises on the mat. Check how to buy a card that each of us will be happy about!

Are you looking for a gift for a friend, daughter, mother, girlfriend, wife? Something that will be a nice surprise and will not end up at the bottom of the wardrobe? The BRIGHT BOHO gift card is the perfect solution! A modern gift, perfect as a gift without the risk of making a mistake. Gift Voucher is a unique, hologram-protected code that you can use to pay for all products in our online store. It can also be used more than once. For purchases above the card limit, the remaining amount may be topped up with other means of payment (in the case of an online store, only by credit card payment). The card is valid for one year from the date of activation.

Gift card denominations available:

250 PLN, 300 PLN, 350 PLN, 500 PLN

Bright Boho - clothes with good energy!

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Girls! For all of you who love yoga and fitness, we have created leggings that meet the needs of even the most demanding of you and very advanced workouts. The material is comfortable, pleasant to the touch and fits perfectly to your figure, and also allows it to breathe. 

In our offer you will also find great quality patterned tops, perfect for everyday training and everyday use. It is a blaze of colors, from which everyone will choose the perfect pattern and color scheme for themselves. However, it is primarily comfort, healthy skin and a great fit that makes the top almost your second skin.

Durable women's leggings

In the Brightboho leggings, we focused on several key features - quality, color, style and comfort. The combination of all of them at every stage of production allows us to guarantee the perfect look and style that will make you stand out in the crowd! The availability of many sizes allows you to fit them perfectly to your figure.

One of the elements we adhere to when creating them is durability. Thanks to the highest-quality non-translucent fabric, it adapts perfectly to the body and does not restrict movement during training, we know that you get the most valuable and durable product. 

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